"The basis of our philosophy is developmental - a respect for all children in a learn through play  environment"  
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"Sometimes we forget that children have just arrived on the Earth, they are a little like aliens coming into being as bundles of energy and pure potential, here on some kind of exploratory mission, they're just trying to learn what it means to be human"  -From Martian Child - The Movie


Now enrolling!  18 months - 6 years old!

Call (949) 722-1005 to arrange a tour.

Located in Costa Mesa, Ca

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At Coastal CLC our primary goal is to help children feel good about who they are--to build high self-esteem. We do this by providing a safe environment in which children can be successful as they encounter the challenges of the world we live in.

The basis of our philosophy is respect for all children in a learn-through-play environment. We demonstrate respect by involving all children in basic care taking activities. All children in the Center are encouraged to make choices about their interests and are informed about transitions. Children’s feelings are valued and validated. All of the children are encouraged to communicate using words and participate in solutions to problems. Our goal at Coastal is to nurture and encourage each child to grow socially, cognitively, physically, creatively, and emotionally in their way and in their own time. We strive in our Center to provide each child with the tools they need to gain self-confidence, self-respect, respect for the people around them and respect for their environment. Green living, organic foods and minimizing our footprint on the planet is part of everything we do -- from serving ORGANIC and/or NATURAL, healthy foods for snack, to recycling and florescent bulbs, to making our own home made play dough -- we are mindful of the planet we live on and do everything we can to incorporate these principles into our center.

We believe that learning is most effective for children when it is provided through ‘play’. Play is the child’s work, where education is life. With this in mind, we will provide intellectual stimulation through a variety of new experiences where the teacher becomes a facilitator to problem solving in each child’s world. 

"The children are placed in learning environments according to their age and their developmental readiness. Each class has a developmental/educational curriculum based on the children’s needs, interests and skills."



Coastal Children's Learning Center is a preschool in Costa Mesa, California. We provide preschool and pre-k classes for children 18 months - 6 years old. CCLC also offers day care hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. to accomodate working parents. It is a learn through play, developmental program which follows the High Scope Curriculum. We are licensed for 39 children and have 8 staff members. We strive to maintain a low ratio of 1:8. Please email or call the center for tuition pricing specific to your childs age and schedule needs. Please review the site for more thorough information about our center!

Coastal Children's Learning Center, LLC
2245 Orange Avenue
Costa Mesa, California 92627

(949) 722-1005

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