"The basis of our philosophy is developmental - a respect for all children in a learn through play  environment"  
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About Us / Staff

            From left: Kristin Bryson (owner), Miss Krystal (Seahorses) ,Miss Eileen (Teachers Aide), Miss Katrina (Director), Miss Marianna (Sea Stars), Miss Annie (Jellyfish) and Miss Corrine (Goldfish)

All of our staff are either fully qualified preschool teachers or aides enrolled in additional units. Each one has been fingerprinted and background checked by the State of California.

Our caring and qualified staff is led by Katrina Chanbona, Teacher/Director. Katrina has been in the child care field for over 15 years. She lead a distinguished preschool of 112 children in San Francisco for 6 years and brought her expertise and experience to us in April of 2004.

There has been a preschool operating in this location since 1981. The current owners, Todd & Kristin Bryson, purchased the Center in March of 2003 and renamed it Coastal Children's Learning Center to reflect its completely new identity. The Center underwent an extensive remodel, was completely re-staffed and a new and progressive curriculum has been implemented.

Jackson, Kristin, Todd and Colter Bryson

Coastal CLC provides a caring and nurturing environment where your child can learn and develop through age appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Coastal CLC has established a relationship with our families that will last a lifetime!

Call Coastal CLC at (949) 722-1005 today!

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